Top 16 industrial automation companies in 2024

May 14, 2024
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5. ABB (Switzerland)

We know you’ve heard of this one; ABB brings deep expertise in factory automation and process control.

  • Wide range of solutions: They offer robots, PLCs, drives, motors, and software for a diverse set of applications.
  • A big focus on robotics: ABB is at the forefront of developing advanced robots for manufacturing and logistics tasks.
  • Safety is their motto: Safety features and collaborative robot designs are key components of their automation offerings.
  • Their flagship product: IRB 6700 — a powerful industrial robot family known for speed, accuracy, and flexibility across various applications.

6. Honeywell (USA)

Honeywell has a legacy of industrial process control in the automation arena.

  • Expertise in process industries: They have extensive experience in sectors like oil & gas, chemicals, and power generation.
  • Integrated control systems: Honeywell offers a comprehensive suite of hardware and software for managing plant-wide processes.
  • Focus on cybersecurity: They offer advanced security solutions to safeguard industrial control systems.
  • Their flagship product: Experion PKS — a distributed control system (DCS) designed for process control, offering a high degree of scalability and reliability.

7. FANUC (Japan)

FANUC is pretty much a household name in robotics and CNC (computer numerical control) systems for machine tools.

  • Robots, robots, robots: Their robot lineup is one of the most extensive, ranging from small assembly robots to massive palletizing ones.
  • CNC control specialists: FANUC CNCs are the brains behind many advanced machine tools used in precision manufacturing.
  • Reliability is their reputation: Their products are known for longevity and low downtime, crucial in production environments.
  • Their flagship product: R-2000 series robots — versatile industrial robots offering high payloads and precision for various tasks.

8. KUKA (Germany)

KUKA stands out for their expertise in automotive manufacturing automation, alongside a wide range of industrial robots.

  • Auto industry leader: They have decades of experience automating car factories for major manufacturers.
  • Broad robot portfolio: KUKA covers everything from sensitive assembly tasks to heavy-duty material handling.
  • Simulation and offline programming: They offer advanced tools for digital planning of robot systems.
  • Their flagship product: KR QUANTEC — a powerful and precise robot series designed for demanding manufacturing environments.

9. Yokogawa Electric (Japan)

Yokogawa brings overall expertise in industrial process automation and instrumentation.

  • Process control know-how: Their strength lies in systems that monitor and optimize complex processes in industries like oil & gas and chemicals.
  • Focus on measurement and instrumentation: Yokogawa provides a wide range of sensors and field devices for gathering precise data.
  • Data analysis and optimization: They offer software solutions to turn process data into actionable insights.
  • Their flagship product: CENTUM VP — a scalable DCS (distributed control system) platform for process monitoring and control.

10. Omron (Japan)

Omron offers a broad portfolio of automation components, sensors, and safety systems.

  • Automation building blocks: Their product range includes PLCs, sensors, vision systems, and motion controllers.
  • Emphasis on machine safety: Omron provides a variety of safety components for safeguarding automated processes.
  • Global presence: They have a strong sales and support network worldwide.
  • Their flagship product: NX/NJ-Series Controllers — a versatile and powerful platform that integrates machine control, safety, and IT. 

11. Mitsubishi Electric (Japan)

Mitsubishi Electric — you’ve probably heard about these guys. They pretty much do it at all, and it’s no surprise that they’re as good at industrial automation as anything else. 

  • Wide range of offerings: They manufacture everything from factory automation products to power generation equipment.
  • Global footprint: Mitsubishi Electric has a well-established network across continents.
  • Focus on factory automation (FA): Their FA offerings include PLCs, robots, servo systems, and HMIs.
  • Their flagship product: MELFA robots — A range of industrial robots for diverse applications, including assembly, welding, and material handling.

12. Honeywell Process Solutions (USA)

Honeywell Process Solutions brings a legacy of industrial process control into the automation arena.

  • Deep experience in process industries: They have extensive knowledge in oil & gas, chemicals, pulp & paper, and other sectors.
  • Focus on integrated solutions: Honeywell provides comprehensive control systems, instrumentation, and software.
  • Emphasis on safety and cybersecurity: They prioritize safeguarding industrial processes.
  • Their flagship product:  Experion PKS – a distributed control system (DCS) designed for reliability, security, and scalability.

13. Schneider Electric (France)

Schneider Electric specializes in energy management and automation solutions across a wide variety of industries. 

  • Focus on energy efficiency: Their solutions target the optimization of energy usage in buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Wide range of automation products: They offer PLCs, drives, HMIs, and industrial software.
  • Strong presence in building automation: Schneider Electric is a major player in smart building technologies.
  • Their flagship product: EcoStruxure — an open, IoT-enabled system architecture for industrial automation and energy management.

14. Emerson (USA)

Emerson is one of the top process automation companies — they’re definitely no slouches. 

  • Expertise in process control and instrumentation: They provide a wide range of sensors, valves, actuators, and software for process control.
  • Focus on reliability and optimization: They have solutions for critical processes that need extreme uptime and efficiency. 
  • Global footprint: Emerson offers extensive support to customers worldwide.
  • Their flagship product: DeltaV — A powerful distributed control system (DCS) known for its flexibility and scalability in process industries.

15. Yaskawa Motoman (Japan/USA)

Did you think our list would be complete without Yaskawa? Yaskawa is one of the world's leading industrial automation companies. 

  • They can do it all: They’ve got a truly massive range of robots for nearly every industry under the sun. 
  • Focus on arc welding: They have a particularly strong reputation in the field of robotic arc welding solutions.
  • Collab and innovation: Yaskawa also offers collaborative robots and innovative technologies like offline programming.
  • Their flagship product: Motoman AR-series robots — a very varied and versatile line of arc welding robots.

16. Epson Robots (Japan)

Epson (yes, the printer people) rock in the design and manufacture of high-performance SCARA robots.

  • Pick and place experts: SCARA robots are wonderful for pick and place tasks, and Epson can stand toe to toe with the best of ‘em. 
  • Ease of use: Their robots are known for their user-friendly programming interfaces and intuitive setup processes.
  • Expanding portfolio: Epson is steadily expanding their robot lineup to include six-axis robots and other models.
  • Their flagship product: Epson LS-series SCARA robots — pretty much in any configuration you can imagine. 

Summing up 

Industrial automation companies come in all shapes and sizes. From up-and-coming SMEs to absolute mainstays, the industrial ecosystem is the busiest it’s ever been. 

But, when choosing a partner for your business operations, you can’t really go playing “eeny, meeny, miney, mo” and hope for the best. 

And that’s why we’ve done our best to round up the titans, the real industry leaders that are making history — and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come. 

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