Improving Lives Through Automation

We believe that automation should be widely accessible, so we decided to expand robotics through easy-to-use software and affordable pricing.

We founded Standard Bots because we believe that automation can lead to a better world. By automating time-consuming, repetitive, and dangerous tasks for us, robotics give us time to focus on what we truly love: be creative, spend time with our loved ones, and chase our dreams.

Despite of the immense advancements in robotic technology over the past few decades, when we looked around we saw a broken robotics market: enormous upfront costs, excessively complex software, and outdated support systems. These barriers all make it impossible for many small business and startups to take advantage of automation’s many benefits.

So we assembled a team of experts to build a new robot; one that people would love to use, that is within reach for small businesses, and that is friendly to non-programmers too. To truly open the world of automation to new users, we developed a subscription model and built support features into our product.

Automation will define our future. We’ve taken the first step, and we’re just getting started.

Designed and Assembled in New York


Our team is united by a mission to find simple solutions to complex technical challenges. We’re working at the forefront of what’s possible, with others who are equally passionate about making their mark on the world.

Our team shares:

  • Passion for robotics: built robotic arms for NASA, ranked in the top-5 DARPA Robotics Challenge
  • Love of entrepreneurship: founded a $2bn+ vertical farming company
  • Commitment to democratizing access to knowledge: wrote one of the most-used open-source robotics packages, taught thousands to build electric car powertrains and battery management systems
  • Motivation for excellence: Led the fastest growing sales team at UR, awarded top salesperson across KUKA USA

Your efficiency is our vision.

Let’s talk about how robotics can elevate your business