The future of robotics software.

Next-generation automation tools that are powerful and easy-to-use.

A giant leap forward
for robotics.

At Standard Bots, we thoughtfully design hardware and software together. Our powerful and easy-to-use solutions are designed to optimize your operations in ways you’ve only imagined.
Standard Bots iPad app vs Universal Robots Teach Pendant

Optimize your operations in minutes, not months.

Standard Bots onboarding
For all the ways you operate.
We know that every business has unique needs. That's why we design and engineer our products to offer flexibility, without compromise.
Standard Bots tablet, teach pendant
Fleet management built-in.
Whether you have a single robot or a fleet, we make it simple to manage, check status, and switch between robots — in one convenient app.
Standard Bots robot fleet management

Program routines like it’s 2024.

Standard Bots routine software
Routine story
Read routines like a story
Unlike most complicated routine editors that require coding, our routines are easy to understand and just as easy to program.
side-by-side routine editor
View and edit side-by-side
Efficiency matters. With a side-by-side layout, you can view and edit the full routine and individual steps at the same time.
powerful and intuitive
Powerful and intuitive
No need to hire expensive engineers to run your robot. With our state-of-the-art software, programming RO1 is as easy as using a phone.

The easiest way to manage your robot.

Standard Bots Home Screen
Simplified access, unified control.
Our easy-to-use interface brings together all of your equipment and controls, enabling effortless adjustments and streamlined operations.
Standard Bots RO1 equipment, gripper, OnRobot
Limitless compatibility.
RO1 integrates directly with grippers, conveyors, 7th-axis slides, linear actuators and more. No drivers, no configurations.

Build the future.

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