CNC tending

Fully automate CNC mill operations with RO1
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Cost effective
More cost effective
Standard Bots RO1 automates CNC tending at 50% of the cost of competitors.
Advanced functionality
Advanced functionality
RO1 can load heavier blanks than competitors, move faster with better repeatability, and has universal relays to control any machine.
Easier setup and automation
Easier setup and automation
Your operators can easily automate new CNC tending tasks and parts thanks to an intuitive no-code programming interface.
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Automate your CNC tending

Easily integrate with Haas and other CNC mills.
Automatically open mill doors and control operations from RO1.
Work alongside operators with safety features built in.


RO1 comes with direct integrations for Haas mills, and all of the necessary I/O on-board to automate any mill

Physical capabilities

With a payload of 18Kg and a reach of 1.3m, RO1 can easily pick up blanks and receive machined parts


Thanks to our integrations and expertise, our team can deploy RO1 to tend CNC mills in as little as 1 day on-site


Overnight operations
Continue automated CNC mill tending overnight without operators, safe in the knowledge that RO1 can control your equipment and automatically stop if an issue is detected
Exponential productivity
RO1 can multiply the output of your operators, allowing them to safely oversee multiple mills and increase your shop productivity
Affordable deployment
Despite being faster, stronger and more precise, RO1 is significantly more affordable than incumbent competitor robotic arms, allowing you to automate more of your CNC mills
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From our customers

"I've worked with UR and Kuka and all these other robots and found your robots to be very slick...I have never seen any other robot of this particular size and character perform this very well."
“After working with your robot at the TMMI facility I have setup a call with a factory in Denver for a 12 robot opportunity - I never thought robots would become so easy to use.”
"We've had a UR robot which wasn't ever easy to program even for our operators that know code, but our operator who doesn't know code was able to set up Standard Bots in a day.”
Mac Products
"It’s already obvious there is a night and day difference between them and legacy robotics arms.”
Reason Robotics


Where is the RO1 robot made?

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RO1 is designed and built in the USA and assembled in Glen Cove, New York.

How does the free remote consultation work?

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Our goal is to increase the likelihood of your success with our robot. We start with a 45 minute meeting to review videos of your task and discuss solutions. We may recommend a free engineering analysis, the results of which we’ll include in your quote. There is no charge for any of this.

Will Standard Bots work with my existing hardware and use cases?

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RO1 is easy to integrate into any manufacturing and machining setup and supports a wide range of uses cases including machine tending, palletizing, inspection, metrology, and more.

What accessories does the RO1 robot support?

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RO1 integrates directly with conveyors, 7th-axis slides, linear actuators, vertical lifts, safety devices and much more - with easy or no wiring. This includes electrical and mechanical compatibility with the most popular robot end effector ecosystems. RO1 works great with products from OnRobot, Schunk, Robotic, Piab, Schmaltz, ATI, and more.

How long does the set up process take?

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Shop-floor operators can setup and program our robot within minutes. No understanding of code needed.

What makes Standard Bots so affordable?

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We design all of our own hardware and software with the mission of making automation accessible to everyone. Our first principles approach to designing our own parts allows us to dramatically reduce costs while also making the most capable and performant robot in its class.

What are the benefits of having a camera on the robot?

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RO1 has an integrated 3D camera on its wrist and doesn't require any calibration. This allows RO1 to accomplish tasks like barcode reading, scanning objects into an object library, identifying + localizing parts for pickup, pick from a dense bin, scan an environment to avoid obstacles and automatically plan paths, and more.

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