The New Standard of Robotics

RO1 pairs intuitive tech with affordable pricing to seamlessly improve your business.

Reach Into the Future

Let RO1 handle the mundane, repetitive, and dangerous tasks for you. With access to affordable, easy-to-use robotics, you’ll have more time to build a better tomorrow for your business.

Meet R01

Engineered to be Effortless

RO1 comes ready to work with straightforward interface for quickly automating your tasks without any programming knowledge. No code? No problem.

Exceptional Made Accessible

Our cost-effective subscription model was developed to empower businesses looking to enter the world of advanced robotics.

Superlative Support

From hardware replacements to connecting remotely to your robot, our subscription includes timely and personalized assistance to ensure a reliable, stress-free experience for you.

Bot of All Trades

RO1 arrives prepared for the many needs of the modern company. Some of the tasks we automates include:

Machine Tending


Case Packing








Our innovative subscription model is the most affordable way to automate, including:

RO1 ready-to-work robotic arm and robot base

Built-in advanced depth/color vision system

Tablet and controller with 24V IO PLC

Installation and setup in customer facility

Ongoing support and maintenance, including all joint and hardware replacement

Continuous free software updates

3rd-party accessories at dealer discount

No long-term commitment

What will you accomplish when automation is suddenly simple?