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Experience the future of automation with a robot that learns, adapts, and evolves.
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Our new AI product lets you demonstrate a task to the robot, and then it will perform the task autonomously using a learning model. The robot will even adapt to variations in the environment and correct on its own.
RO1 can build its own strategies and self-correct if there are unforeseen changes or obstacles, ensuring the task is completed. Not only is this a massive leap forward for robotics — we believe this is going to change the world.
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The world’s easiest-to-use robot.

Next-generation automation tools that are powerful and easy-to-use. Meet the future of robotics software.
Standard Bots. The world’s easiest-to-use robot.
A giant leap forward for robotics.
At Standard Bots, we thoughtfully design hardware and software together. Our powerful and easy-to-use solutions are designed to optimize operations and increase safety. Create new tasks and scale a setup in just a matter of minutes.
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Made for makers.

Until now, robots have been too expensive and too difficult to operate for many who could use them most. That's why we created an affordable robot that anyone can use, yet is still capable of tackling the toughest, most complex challenges.
Built for machine operators
Standard Bots routine editor. Built for machine operators
Built for developers
Standard Bots. Built for developers.
For operators and developers.
We've made it so anyone can operate RO1 and automate tasks without any code. And for those who prefer to code, we’ve made it easy to build apps, integrations, and more with powerful APIs and SDKs. By growing the ecosystem, we hope to grow the possibilities for how robots can improve human productivity.
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