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People don't work at Standard Bots to make robots. They work here to make tomorrow easier. It’s fascinating, rewarding, and most all, incredibly difficult to do. That’s why we’re searching for people who are up for the challenge. Who are optimistic about the future. Who are hellbent on refactoring the trajectory of human progress through the seamless integration of hardware, software, firmware, and electronics. If you’re as motivated by the possibilities as we are, join us.

Our teammates have joined us from pioneering companies:
General Motors

Open roles

Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack
United States (Remote) • Europe (Remote)
Informed by history. Inspired by the future.
Not long ago, computers were hobbyist projects. They were clunky, limited machines fiddled with only by highly-trained engineers. Then came the Apple II, a marvel of vertical integration that became the first "complete, ready-to-use computer." And in an instant, everything changed. Computing became a productivity curve bender. A tool that could be used by anybody. A joyful, interesting, and easy way to get things done.
At Standard Bots, we're taking a similar approach. We're designing better hardware and easier-to-use software together to once again accelerate what humans are capable of achieving — this time, with robots. The amount of work to get there is immense, but so is the opportunity.

Leadership team

Evan Beard
Founder & CEO
David Golden
Natalie Papillion
Head of Business Operations
Robert Irwin
Head of Hardware
Joe Delgado
Head of Software
Dan Grover
Head of Product
Jeremy Goldberg
Head of Design
Lee Gross
Engineering Manager
Danny OMahony
GTM Sales

Our Investors

General Catalyst
General Catalyst
Amazon Industrial Fund
Amazon Industrial Fund
Samsung Next
Samsung Next
Box Group
Box Group

There’s a lot to be said about robotics.

See what customers are saying about Standard Bots. And read through what journalists, economists, and experts in the field are saying about where things stand with robotics, and where they’re heading.
"I've worked with UR and Kuka and all these other robots and found your robots to be very slick...I have never seen any other robot of this particular size and character perform this very well."
“After working with your robot at the TMMI facility I have setup a call with a factory in Denver for a 12 robot opportunity - I never thought robots would become so easy to use.”
"We've had a UR robot which wasn't ever easy to program even for our operators that know code, but our operator who doesn't know code was able to set up Standard Bots in a day.”
Mac Products
"It’s already obvious there is a night and day difference between them and legacy robotics arms.”
Reason Robotics
Literature from thought leaders:
American workers need lots and lots of robots
American workers need lots and lots of robots
With the power of automation, our workers can win. Without it, they're in trouble.
Robots Pick Up More Work at Busy Factories
Robots Pick Up More Work at Busy Factories
Workplace robot orders jumped by 40% during this year’s first quarter; ‘Before, you could throw people at a problem’
The Wall Street Journal
Automation and Jobs: When Technology Boosts Employment
Automation and Jobs: When Technology Boosts Employment
Automation might not cause mass unemployment, but it may well require workers to make disruptive transitions to new industries, requiring new skills and occupations.
Boston Univ. School of Law