What is a Robotics Integrator and should you use one?

February 21, 2024
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What are robotics integrators?

Robotics integrators are companies that specialize in designing, programming, and implementing customized robotic solutions for businesses. They handle everything from consulting and design to installation, training, and support.

So, instead of buying an off-the-shelf robot, robotics integrators work with you to create an automated system that suits your needs. 

How? They determine the best robotic technologies - like Collaborative robots (Cobots), Articulated arms, or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) - that your applications need. 

The integrators then program the robots, test the system, install it on your production floor, and make sure your team is fully trained to operate it.

What can a robotics integrator do for you?

A robotics integrator can take your automation vision and make it a reality by handling all the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on your business.

Specifically, an integrator will:

  • Get a grip on your needs and processes to find the right automation solution. They’ll evaluate things like production volume, cost savings goals, footprint requirements, and safety standards to recommend a customized system.
  • Source and install the necessary robotic equipment. This includes robots, end-effectors or “hands”, conveyors, vision systems, and any other required machinery. They handle purchasing, programming, testing, and deployment of a turnkey system.
  • Program the robotic system to automate the tasks you need it to. This involves coding the robots to grasp parts, move, weld, palletize, or whatever functions are needed. They'll also integrate any vision systems and ensure the robots work in harmony.
  • Train your team. The integrator will teach your staff how to properly operate and maintain the new robotic system so you can get the most out of your investment.
  • Offer support and service after installation. Most integrators provide ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, reprogramming, and part replacement to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments. Integrators continuously train on new robots, tools, and applications so they can provide the most advanced, cost-effective solutions for their clients.

Basically, using a robotics integrator eliminates the headache of tackling a complex automation project yourself – for a cost, of course. 

Should you work with a robotics integrator?

Robotics integrators can be a huge help for companies that want to take the automation plunge.  But how do you know whether working with an integrator is exactly what your business needs? 

Start by checking items off this list first: 

Skip the DIY time sync

Designing an automated system from scratch requires a pretty big time and financial investment.

However, integrators have already developed solutions for common automation tasks that they can adapt to your needs. 

This allows you to get up and running faster without reinventing the wheel. They also have relationships with robotics suppliers to get you the best possible pricing.

All the expertise, no learning curve 

Robotics integrators have a tremendous wealth of specialized, technical knowledge that would take you years to develop in-house. 

They stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and best practices in automation. Tapping into their expertise is a surefire way to gain a competitive advantage.

They’ve got a proven track record

Experienced integrators know how to avoid common pitfalls and have proven methodologies to guarantee that you’ll complete your automation project on time – and on budget. 

They can also provide support after installation to maximize uptime. Without their know-how, you risk costly errors, downtime, and not getting the most out of automation. 

When to partner up vs going solo

That said, working with an integrator may not make sense if you only have a small project, limited budget, or resources to dedicate to it. 

You’ll need to think long and hard about the scale of your needs, in-house capabilities, and how much control you want over the process. 

If you have a complex project or lack automation experience, an integrator is probably your best bet. But for a straightforward task, you could save money by handling it in-house with their guidance.

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How to choose the right robotics integrator

So you’ve decided that working with a robotics integrator is the right move for your automation project. 

But, now comes the hard part - finding the perfect partner in crime! 

Take a look at these tips to find the right fit for you

  • Dig into their experience: Look for an integrator who’s been around the block in your industry, armed with a track record of nailing automation projects similar to yours. 
  • Ask for the scoop on their wins, dive into case studies, and make sure they’re fluent in the specifics of your business. An integrator that truly gets your workflow can pinpoint solutions that genuinely work.
  • Check out the full-service menu: Not every integrator’s toolkit is the same. Pin down a partner who ticks all your boxes, from design and coding to set up, training, and beyond. 
  • Whether you need someone to handle the whole process or just parts of it, pick a partner who can carry your project across the finish line.
  • Gauge their customer service game: First impressions are telling. Notice how they handle your initial chats—this gives you a preview of the support you’ll get. 
  • Drill them on their support game plan and availability. You’re after a team that’s not just responsive but genuinely supportive.
  • Balance cost with value: Don’t let sticker shock make the call. Cheap upfront can mean expensive mistakes and headaches later.
  • Look for a proposal that spells out real value—where the price aligns with the quality, support, and lasting benefits you’ll get. Compare what’s on offer to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Hit up past clients for the real deal: Nothing beats chatting with those who’ve already walked the path with the integrator. Reach out to businesses similar to yours who’ve partnered with them before. 

This direct feedback is gold - it tells you what they’re really good at, where they might fall short, and whether they’re worth calling back at all.

Summing up

Now you know what a robotics integrator is, what they can do for you, and why working with one makes sense for many companies looking to automate. 

The hard part is finding an integrator you mesh with that can truly customize a solution for your needs, timeline, and budget. 

But, with this guide in hand, we have no doubt you’ll do just fine!

Next steps

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