Robotic integrators explained (and why you need one)

April 30, 2024
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What are robotic integrators?

Robotic integrators are companies that help implement robotics systems. They handle everything from designing and planning to installation, programming, and maintenance. In short, they make robotics accessible and help companies reap the benefits.

How does a robotic integrator work exactly?

  • Understanding your needs. The integrator starts by analyzing your current work. They look for places where robots can improve speed, save money, and make better products.
  • Designing your system. The integrator designs a robot system just for you. They choose the right robots, tools for the robots, and other equipment for the job. They also use simulations to test the design and fix potential problems.
  • Setting up your system. The integrator installs the robots and connects them to your existing machines. They program the robots and test the whole system to make sure it works correctly.
  • Offering ongoing help. The integrator helps you get the most out of your robots. They offer training, system updates, fixes, and can even reprogram the robots if your needs change.

Where robotic integrators are making a difference

  • Robotic integrators are improving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing environments. Integrating robotics into assembly lines and production processes allows companies to increase output, reduce waste, and improve quality control. 
  • Warehouses and distribution centers are getting huge gains also. Mobile robots can autonomously transport pallets and heavy loads through facilities. Automated storage and retrieval systems use robots to automatically store and retrieve goods in a condensed space. 
  • Integrators are developing solutions to help healthcare workers and improve patient care. Robots that disinfect hospital rooms and mobile robots that deliver supplies, medications, and linen can reduce the workload for hospital staff. Robotic surgery systems allow doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures with precision. Exoskeletons and robotic limbs are helping physical therapists rehabilitate patients. 

How robotic integrators can transform your operations

Robotic integrators don’t just provide the technologies to automate your business processes. They revolutionize how you operate. When you bring on an integrator, you’re making an investment in the future of your company.

  • Hyper-boosted productivity. By automating repetitive, mundane tasks, integrators free up your human workers to focus on more engaging, high-level work. This boost in productivity means increased output and revenue over time.
  • Efficiency goes through the roof. Integrators help streamline your operations by optimizing workflows and minimizing wasted effort. Robots don’t take extra time or make errors like humans, so they increase consistency and quality. This efficiency gain has major cost-saving benefits for your business.
  • Wide-ranging safety benefits. In hazardous environments like factories or warehouses, integrators can deploy robots to handle dangerous jobs currently performed by people. This limits the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, creating a safer environment for your staff.
  • Scalability like you wouldn’t believe. As your business grows over the years, integrators make it easy to scale up your operations. You can simply add more robots and automation to handle increased workloads and output needs. This scalability helps you make sure you have the capacity to meet future demands without huge disruptions.

Challenges of working with a robot integrator

Once you’ve decided to work with a robot integrator, you’ll quickly find there are a few hurdles to overcome. 

Let’s go in-depth: 

  • Robots cost money. Be prepared for a big upfront price tag. Understand every cost involved and plan a realistic budget. Consider financing to spread out the expense.
  • Installation takes time. Adding robots will temporarily slow down your work. Plan carefully with your integrator to reduce this downtime.
  • There's a learning curve. Your team will need training to work with the robots. This training takes time and may slow things down at first.

Robots need upkeep. Robots reduce some costs but they still need regular maintenance. Make a maintenance plan and budget for repairs to get the most out of your investment.

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Things to keep in mind before choosing a robotic integrator

Finding a high-quality robot integrator isn’t exactly as easy as going into Google and trying the top 3 results. 

Here are the rules of thumb you should follow before making a choice: 

  • Find an experienced partner. Choose an integrator with a proven track record in projects similar to yours. Ask for references to learn about their past successes.
  • Look for a complete solution. Your integrator should handle everything — planning, design, installation, training, and ongoing support.
  • Consider future needs. Pick an integrator that keeps up with technology and can adapt your system as your business changes.
  • Build a partnership. The best integrators see themselves as long-term partners in your success. Find one invested in fully understanding your business.
  • Understand the costs. Get quotes from several integrators. Compare upfront costs as well as long-term support fees. Choose a partner who focuses on getting you a quick return on investment.

Summing up

And that’s the complete rundown on robotic integrators. From understanding what they do and how they work, to the key benefits they provide and the challenges to look out for, you're now equipped with the knowledge to determine if bringing one on is the right move for your business. 

The next step is to carefully evaluate potential partners, making sure to assess their experience, capabilities, and cultural fit. 

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