An early look at Standard Bots next-generation software

August 24, 2023
Standard Bots robot visualizer
An early look at the new Standard Bots robot visualizer


A robot visualizer is an essential tool in the world of robotics, as it allows end-users, developers, and engineers to simulate, visualize, and interact with robot models and environments. Our visualizer provides high-quality, realistic graphics, enabling users to view and simulate routines, scenarios, and equipment accurately. It offers instantaneous feedback for robot movements and has safety features related to braking, collisions, virtual simulation, and more. Soon, we’re adding the ability to 3D scan a work environment and place it alongside the robot in the visualizer. This is especially useful for ensuring the robot has the correct space requirements and can reach specific objects.

Standard Bots routine editor
An early look at the new Standard Bots routine editor

Routine programming

Making robots easy to program is vital to ensure their widespread adoption across different industries. At Standard Bots, we’re designing a routine programming interface that is easy to use and powerful. Our routines read chronologically like a story, so operators and team members know exactly what will happen. When editing a routine, we also provide a real-time simulator so you can view and manipulate exactly what the robot will do. Finally, one of the things we’re most excited about is a new side-by-side view. This makes creating, updating, and viewing a routine fast and contextualized.

Standard Bots equipment manager

Equipment management

Robots can interface with a wide range of accessories such as lifts, grippers, vices, mills, safety devices, and more. We’re making it far easier to add and manage all of these devices. The settings for these devices can also be viewed as widgets within the robot visualizer.

Standard Bots camera vision

Camera vision

Robot camera vision software plays a critical role in enabling robots to interact with their surroundings, recognize objects, and make intelligent decisions. Soon, we’ll be offering all kinds of camera vision capabilities. These capabilities can be accessed with our best-in-class, built-in 3D camera, or with a third-party external camera. Over time, a Standard Bots developer platform and AI will help us supercharge these features and make robotics automation truly magical.

Next steps

At Standard Bots, our mission is to propel human productivity through the world’s most accessible robots. We believe our focus and investment in industry-leading software is a key part of realizing our mission and vision.

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