Standard Bots: Smarter robots, brighter future

Smarter robots, brighter future.

Powerful hardware. Intuitive software. AI learning models that will change the world.
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Trusted by small shops and Fortune 500s

A breakthrough in robotics.

Experience the future of automation with a robot that learns, adapts, and evolves. RO1 is your next intelligent partner and a new definition what's possible in robotics.
Powerful hardware
Standard Bots. Powerful hardware.
Intuitive software
Standard Bots. Intuitive software.
Designed and assembled in the USA.
RO1 is a six-axis, programmable robotic arm designed and assembled in the USA. It's easy for operators to integrate RO1 into their existing machining or packing setups to automate tasks both simple and complex.
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The world’s easiest-to-use robot.

Next-generation automation tools that are powerful and easy-to-use. Meet the future of robotics software.
Standard Bots. The world’s easiest-to-use robot.
A giant leap forward for robotics.
At Standard Bots, we thoughtfully design hardware and software together. Our powerful and easy-to-use solutions are designed to optimize operations and increase safety. Create new tasks and scale a setup in just a matter of minutes.
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Standard Bots. Powerful hardware.
Best-in-class capabilities.
Payload capacity
Up to 3m/s
Linear speed
+/-0.025 mm

Made for makers.

Until now, robots have been too expensive and too difficult to operate for many who could use them most. That's why we created an affordable robot that anyone can use, yet is still capable of tackling the toughest, most complex challenges.
Built for machine operators
Standard Bots routine editor. Built for machine operators
Built for developers
Standard Bots. Built for developers.
For operators and developers.
We've made it so anyone can operate RO1 and automate tasks without any code. And for those who prefer to code, we’ve made it easy to build apps, integrations, and more with powerful APIs and SDKs. By growing the ecosystem, we hope to grow the possibilities for how robots can improve human productivity.
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The future is in arm’s reach.

Our initial focus is on manufacturing tasks – the kind of dangerous, mundane, or repetitive tasks that companies can accelerate and operators want to avoid. Now, with our AI-powered robot, there’s a whole world beyond manufacturing that can benefit from our robotics platform.
Standard Bots machine tending
Automation for the most common manufacturing tasks.
At Standard Bots, we design robots that create a safer, more productive manufacturing environment for the people that use them.

By automating many of the most common tasks in manufacturing, our RO1 robot saves time and effort for operators that they can use to focus on higher-impact tasks and processes.
Standard Bots dishwashing
In the future
We believe six-axis robotic arms can pull a more enjoyable future closer to the present day. From making production more efficient in businesses to aiding the elderly in their homes, robots have the potential to improve the lives of people around the world.
Aiding the elderly
Car charging

From our customers

"I've worked with UR and Kuka and all these other robots and found your robots to be very slick...I have never seen any other robot of this particular size and character perform this very well."
“After working with your robot at the TMMI facility I have setup a call with a factory in Denver for a 12 robot opportunity - I never thought robots would become so easy to use.”
"We've had a UR robot which wasn't ever easy to program even for our operators that know code, but our operator who doesn't know code was able to set up Standard Bots in a day.”
Mac Products
"It’s already obvious there is a night and day difference between them and legacy robotics arms.”
Reason Robotics
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