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January 11, 2024
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What to look for in a robot arm

A robotic arm with a gripper needs to be fast, precise, and easy to use. You need a solution that can handle high volumes quickly and accurately – without needing an advanced engineering degree.

  • Payload and reach: A Six-Axis robot arm with a high payload capacity and decent reach to handle heavy components and cover a wide range of motion will do the trick. Remember: the payload includes both the weight of the gripper and the object it is lifting.
  • Intuitive programming: Find a robot with an intuitive user interface. This allows operators to program the robot without coding. RO1 by Standard Bots offers a simple "no-code" programming option.
  • Safety features: If you need your robot to work side-by-side with humans, put a premium on safety by picking a robot arm with force-limited capabilities and sensors that detect contact and stop before inflicting damage. 
  • Cost: Great quality robotic arms can vary hugely in cost from $2,000 to $100,000+, so keep your budget in mind and weigh your options before you break out your credit card. 

What to look for in a gripper

Grippers are end-effectors, attachable add-ons to your robotic arm. They’re essential for grasping, manipulating, and transferring objects. 

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to handle specific tasks and materials. Choosing the right gripper for your robotic arm is an operational necessity.

Here are some key gripper characteristics to keep in mind: 

1. Grip strength: It should be enough to securely hold the objects without causing damage or slippage – doubly important for fragile materials. 

2. Grip type: Grippers come in various configurations, each suited for different types of objects. The most common are two and three-finger grippers, as well as vacuum grippers. Magnetic and adaptive grippers are also available.

3. Material: You can find grippers made out of aluminum, steel, or composite materials. It’s important to consider what materials or objects you’re working with, as well as the gripper’s resistance to wear and tear. 

4. Precision and accuracy: Your gripper needs to repeatedly manipulate objects with pinpoint accuracy. 

5. Ease of use and maintenance: Find a gripper that is easy to attach, detach, and maintain; this will reduce downtime and ensure long-term performance

6. Compatibility with your robotic arm: Finally, make sure your gripper is compatible with your chosen brand of robotic arm. 

Remember: RO1 is compatible with a wide variety of end-effectors. 

Our #1 robotic arm with gripper pick

Trying to find the best robotic arm with a gripper, but your head is spinning due to the multitude of options? We’ll take the hard part off your plate. 

Here’s the absolute #1 best pick.

RO1 by Standard Bots 

Standards Bots’ RO1 is an affordable powerhouse, at half the price of its nearest competitor. 

And even if the price tag isn’t enough to sell you immediately, you can also choose a lease model that totals $5/hour.

But don’t let the budget-friendly price fool you: it has the highest payload capacity (18 kg) and the fastest, most accurate performance of any robot in its class, with a repeatability of +/-0.025 mm.

It comes straight out of the box with intuitive no-code software so your team can seamlessly and easily input new sequences without the need to have a dedicated (and expensive) IT team figuring out new programming every day.

Also, RO1 has compatibility with M8 4 and 8-pin connectors, so can support a wide variety of end-effector manufacturers. 

And, if you need a collaborative partner, RO1 has your back! Its built-in vision and sensor systems help make a safe shop floor a reality when working in close proximity to human employees. 

Bonus: If you like the end-effector brand OnRobot, you’re in luck; RO1 has a "plug and play" integration with no setup required, and the team will ship the right OnRobot end-effectors for whatever use-case you have.

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RO1: Excelling across a wide range of tasks

RO1 isn't just any robot; it's versatile, flexible, and able to take on a wide range of tasks across diverse industries. 

Let's explore what makes it excel in specific areas:

Machine tending

Repetitive yet crucial, machine tending is a perfect fit for RO1. It's always-on nature and precise motions guarantee a consistent material feed, part manipulation, and tool changes, boosting machine uptime and production efficiency. 

Forget about missed tool swaps or inaccurate part placement!

Pick and place

Need precision and speed on your side? RO1 steps up. Its advanced 3D vision system identifies and locates objects with pinpoint accuracy, while its Six-Axis arm effortlessly picks and places them with care. 

Whether it's delicate electronics or hefty components, the RO1 handles them all with a gentle touch – and lightning speed.


Say goodbye to back-cracks and time-consuming manual palletizing. RO1's strength and reach take over palletizing, stacking boxes, bags, or any palletizable item with tireless efficiency. 

Its built-in intelligence optimizes pallet patterns, maximizing space and minimizing wasted movements.

Case packing

Packing boxes can be monotonous, not to mention error-prone Not with RO1. Its vision system ensures accurate identification and placement of products, while its compatibility with various end-effectors can adapt to various packaging shapes and sizes. 


Finesse? Polish? Pretty much synonymous with RO1. Its precise movements and customizable polishing tools bring out the shine in any material, from intricate jewelry to large metal surfaces. RO1 guarantees uniform, high-quality results every time.


Need unblinking eagle eyes working around the clock? RO1's integrated cameras and AI capabilities transform it into a tireless inspector. 

It scans surfaces for defects, measures dimensions, and identifies errors with unerring accuracy – only the highest quality products make it through.


Even the hottest jobs are cool for RO1. Its heat-resistant construction and precise movements ensure safe and efficient welding, from delicate micro welds to heavy-duty industrial applications. 

RO1's unwavering accuracy minimizes rework and optimizes material usage, leading to stronger welds and a leaner production process.

But, RO1's mastery doesn't stop there. Its adaptability, versatility, and learning capabilities can handle an even wider variety of specialized tasks, so get in touch with us to find out more. 

Summing up

Not all robotic arms are created equal, and there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know where to invest your hard-earned money. But now you know the #1 BEST option to finally get started.

The truth speaks for itself: RO1 is the top robotic arm with a gripper, helping you boost productivity and increase safety, effectiveness, and the overall quality of your production. 

Speak to our solutions team today to organize a free, 30-day onsite trial and get expert advice on everything you need to deploy RO1 to successfully bring your business into the automation age. 

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